Explore Movement?

Explore Movement represents our efforts to stay true to our values and to remain helpful and useful. We are providing a brief explanation for those of you who are curious as to why we have made some changes.

We find Parkour to be an inspiring and beneficial discipline and have volunteered our time over the years to help many people learn and understand it’s philosophy and practice.
Throughout the years; when running sessions in youth detention centres and working with people that have experienced trauma, we have noticed they show interest, pay attention to, and participate more with unconventional movements like flips, tricks, saults or stunts. This is beneficial because it helps them to engage further with movement practice`. We have found that the same applies to people participating in our weekly training.

Explore movement’s focus is to allow more flexibility in the way we introduce movement to people from different sectors while respecting Parkour’s definition and purpose. Quite often people wanted more than just Parkour and ,while we were happy to do that, we weren’t comfortable with doing it under the banner of Melbourne Parkour. Rather than just changing the definition of “Parkour” for personal benefit we prefer to change the name under which we operate to deliver more options to those who need it and stay true to our values. This has been something that has been in development for many years. We have taken the time over the COVID 19 pandemic to implement these changes. 

If you are genuinely curious about what we do come talk to us and join the sessions. 

Thanks for your support and participation over the years and into the future.